Third-Party Payments

Third-party payments include any entities that make payments toward a student account on behalf of a student. There are a variety of third-party payments. Most are sent in and apply to the student account without the University being involved in the process.

Third-party entities wanting the University to bill the third-party entity for the student’s charges for a semester must meet certain requirements to be set up. The requirements are listed in our Treasurer’s Office Policy located here: Treasurer’s Office Third-Party Policy.

FERPA Release Required

Before the university can process third-party requests, students are required to fill out a FERPA release for the third-party. If a FERPA release is not on file with the university, the university is not allowed to send any information to the third-party regarding the student. For more information on filing a FERPA release, please use this link: FERPA 3rd Party Release.

University Processing

Once a third-party is set up with the University, there is a standardized process for each semester that is broken up into four steps: Authorization, Billing, Deferment, and Payment Processing.

  • Authorization: The third-party submits either a roster of students attending or sends individualized authorizations for students that will be attending the University of Arkansas. Sometimes they will instruct students to provide us with the authorization form. However, we do need an official document from the third-party in addition to what the student provides.
  • Billing: After census date for the university (11 class days after the start of the semester) we will begin the billing procedure to create a bill based on the authorization the third-party sent, as well as the student account information.
  • Deferment: After billing is complete, we will place a deferment on the student’s account for the amount that we billed the third-party. The deferment acts as an actual payment reducing the student’s balance and prevents any holds or late fees, provided the remaining balance the third-party is not covering is resolved. This allows parents and students to see how much is pending for the student.
  • Payment Processing: Once the third-party payment arrives, we will remove the deferment and post the payment to the student account. The university does this on the same day to try and reduce confusion. However, there is occasionally a delay between when the deferment comes off and the payment applies. If there is a balance that suddenly shows up on a student account later in the semester, please wait until the end of the day to see if the payment was applied to the account. If the third-party sends less than the amount authorized and billed, there may be a balance that is left over on the student account that would be the responsibility of the student. Please make sure to check your student account throughout the semester to make sure there is not a balance remaining.

Third-Party FAQs:

If billing and deferment do not occur until after census date (the 11th class day) and the payment deadline is the 5th class day, how do I know what I need to pay or avoid getting a late fee?

The University of Arkansas has a 30-day grace period from the payment deadline specifically because of third-party payments and other scholarships that wait until census date or after to post. Nothing detrimental will happen to the student account until 30 days after the payment deadline. The deferment and bill should be reflected on the account approximately two weeks before the end of the grace period giving students and parents ample time to see what they would owe and make payment before the grace period ends.

How do I know if my third-party is one that is billed by the University of Arkansas?

The third-party should communicate to you how payment is processed through their system. If you have questions, please reach out to your third-party and ask how payment is processed to the university.

I keep getting an email about setting up a FERPA third-party release. Do I need to do this? How do I set that up?

Yes, a FERPA third-party release must be filled out for the third-party that will be making payment on your account. You can find out more here with instructions on how to complete this process: FERPA 3rd Party Release.

I got an email stating that I may be eligible for a late fee, but I am expecting a third-party payment to cover the amount. What do I need to do?

This depends on the timing of the email received. The treasurer’s office sends out notices frequently to make sure students are aware of what is going on. If it is prior to census date, please wait until after the 3rd week of class to contact us to check on a third-party payment. Third-party payment deferrals will not show on the account until after census date, which is the 11th class day. If you do not see anything on your account after the 15th class day, please contact our office and ask to speak with the third-party billing representative.

If I want to make payment in full prior to the payment deadline/deferment post does that affect what the university will bill my third-party?

No, the amount we bill the third-party will still be based on the authorized amount and the charges on the student account. If the account is paid-in-full we will not place the deferment on the account. When the third-party pays, the payment will be applied to the account, and the student will receive a refund.

I am a parent making payment on my child’s student account using a third-party. If there is a refund that is generated, can I have it sent to me?

No, the student is the account owner. Any refunds that are generated from the student account are sent to the student through our refund service provider, BankMobile Disbursements.

We will be getting a refund from our third-party/scholarship. How will we receive that refund?

More information can be found here: Refunds and Financial Aid Delivery.

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