Tuition and Fee Adjustments for Dropping Classes While Remaining Enrolled

Students who drop classes while remaining enrolled may qualify for a cancellation or partial cancellation of tuition and fees based on the official date of the dropped class (normally defined as the date recorded by web registration). Certain fees are not refundable. Examples are the New Student Fee, ID Card Fee, and First Year Experience Fee. For detailed information, see Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 330.0. For specific dates during a semester, see the Academic Semester Calendar.

Self-Paced Online Courses

Student who wish to drop a Self-Paced Online Course must notify the Office of Credit Studies in writing. Drop requests must be made via email from the student’s University of Arkansas email account and sent to The date of the email will be used to determine any applicable fee adjustments and what grade, if any, will appear on the students’s official record. See the Self-Paced Online Course Calendar for details.

For questions regarding how your student account will be affected by withdrawing from all classes, please visit Withdrawing from the University.

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