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UAConnect is the university's student information system. The Student Homepage in UAConnect provides student information including Academics, Finances, and Personal Information. For an overview on how to use the Student Homepage, please visit the Student Knowledge Center.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are charged per credit hour. Costs will vary each term depending upon the number of credit hours taken, the associated college of the student program, student career level, type of courses taken, and residency status. A tuition estimator is available at Tuition Estimator. Detailed information about tuition is available at Fayetteville Policy 511.0 and about fees at Fayetteville Policy 511.1 .

Financial Aid Disbursement

Federal financial aid, including PELL Grants, student loans, and available scholarships will be posted to the student account approximately 10 days prior to the start of a term and will continue to be posted on a daily basis as awarded. For detailed information, please visit Financial Aid Disbursement .

Student Refunds

If financial aid disbursments or personal payments create an overpayment of the student account resulting in a balance due to the student, a refund will be generated for the student. The University of Arkansas has partnered with BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank, to deliver financial aid and other school refunds to University of Arkansas students. Students will log into UAConnect, click the Treasurer's Office tile, and click the Refunding Options link to select a refund preference. For detailed information, please visit Refunds and Financial Aid Delivery .

Payment of Account Balance

Beginning spring 2021, payments of all types will no longer be accepted in-person at the Treasurer's Office. Payments can be made online by e-check (free) or by credit card (w/ convenience fee) through UAConnect. Payments also can be made by mailing a check to the address listed at Make a Payment. Scholarship payments will continue to follow the guidelines listed at Guide to Outside Scholarships.

Students can pay their balance by credit card, debit card, or eCheck on UAConnect. From the Student Homepage, click on the Treasurer's Office tile and select the Make a Payment link in the left-hand menu. The University accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. There is a 1.8% convenience fee on credit or debit cards but no fee for eCheck. Payments can also be made by checks mailed to Department 1238, Oklahoma City, OK 73196.

Payment Plans

Students have the option of enrolling in a payment plan each fall and spring term to help manage their account balances. Payment plan enrollment is completed through the Payment Plan link in the left-hand menu on the Treasurer's Office tile. For detailed information on payment plans, please visit Payment Plans .

Billing Statements

Invoices are created monthly for students or others receiving on-campus services from the University of Arkansas. An email notification is sent to the uark email account when the invoices are ready to view. The student invoices are created monthly until the balance is paid in full. Student invoices are not created for students with a zero account balance. For detailed information on billing statements, please visit Billing Statements .

Treasurer's Office

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